This site is a way to record what is going on in my seed growing successes (and failures). I tried to gather information from other sources with the hope it may encourage new gardeners. Top photo courtesy of

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    Assorted tips to help grow your garden for success

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A few failures in growing:
• Over watering.
• Too much direct sunlight/heat.
• Seeds to close together.
• Transplanting too early.
• Not placing high enough for animals.
• Planting too deep.

Useful Tips
• Place your garden where you'll see it regularly.
• Insure proper sunlight is taken into account.
• Make sure there is easy access to water.
• Always use the best soil possible.
• Use a pot or container large enough.
• Select the right plants for your zone.
• Keep track of the frost and planting dates.
• Use mulch when planting for moisture control.
• Feed plants regularly.
• Keep garden tools handy.
• Take inventory of your garden.
• Eggshells actually repel certain insects.
• Catnip and Lemon Grass deters mosquitoes
• Marigolds and Basil also repels mosquitoes.
• Use K-Cups as seed starters.
• Use toilet paper rolls for seedling starters.
• Turn a pallet into a planter.
• Grow food from kitchen scraps.
• Hoe and weed plants often.
• Use old leaves as garden mulch.
• Avoid watering during the hottest part of the day.
• Deadhead your flowering plants often.
• Use cooking veggie broth to water your plants.
• Don't plant too early in the season.
• Mix dish soap and water spray to deter bugs.