This site is a way to record what is going on in my seed growing successes (and failures). I tried to gather information from other sources with the hope it may encourage new gardeners. Top photo courtesy of

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    Assorted tips to help grow your garden for success

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    Currect resource of online blogs and forums.

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    Assorted Sites

    A variety of additional gardening websites.


I am very passionate about my hobby and relish the chance to share the experience of gardening with others.

Hopefully you can find useful tips on these pages to make your planting projects more enjoyable. I will make sure all information is kept up to date on a regular basis.

Do not be discouraged it your first efforts do not go as expected as I have found even with the best advice and plants the factors of fertile ground, weather conditions, and pests both animal and insect have a lot to do with success.

Just remember not to give up and with trial and error if you have patience the reward will well be worth it.